Kelly Ann Callaghan | Beauty Biz Slay Babe

Hi, I’m Kelly!

My mission is to help ambitious women start and grow their own successful beauty businesses!

My Story

After building my beauty business from $0 to multiple six figures in just a few years, I decided my bigger purpose in life was to step up and help other women do the same. I have helped thousands of women from all around the world learn how cultivate a strong mindset + marketing strategies so they could create the business + life they want + deserve!

Wake Up to Level Up VIRTUAL

I’m here to shed the light on the expansive possibilities of what IS POSSIBLE FOR YOU because WE are in this TOGETHER. If SHE CAN, IF I CAN, if THEY can, YOU CAN. There is so much opportunity RIGHT NOW, despite what anyone says.

WULU Virtual is a transformative, educational and inspiring event created for beauty business babes JUST LIKE YOU.

Wake Up to Level Up PODCAST

If you are a business babe looking to level up in business AND in life, this podcast is for you!

I want you to feel empowered, supported, loved + inspired within this space so you, too, can wake up to level up!

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