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Kelly Ann Callaghan | Beauty Business Coach

Hi, I’m Kelly!

I help women professionals start and grow their own beauty businesses through online marketing strategies.

My Story

After building my beauty business from $0 to to half a million dollars in just a few years, I decided my bigger purpose in life was to step up and help other women do the same. I have helped thousands of women from all around the world learn how cultivate a strong mindset + marketing strategies so they could create the business + life they want + deserve!

Beauty Business Coach
Certification Blueprint

The Beauty Business Coach Certification program is a step-by-step, group coaching program designed to help women, like you, get started in the educational side of the industry

beauty business babesĀ PODCAST

If you are a business babe looking to level up in business AND in life, this podcast is for you!

I want you to feel empowered, supported, loved + inspired within this space so you, too, can wake up to level up!

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