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About Me


My tanning career started back when I was 16 years old when I worked in a tanning salon in Corona, CA. During my time working at the tanning salon, I worked with clients who used UV tanning beds as well as the stand up spray tanning beds. Working at the tanning salon made me realize how unsafe it was to expose yourself to UV beds. I wondered how clients would be able to get a natural looking tan without the risks that UV tanning beds and even the sun possess.

After experimenting with the different methods of tanning, I came to realize that spray tans were the best way to get that safe and natural glow we all want! I stand behind the products and equipment we use 100% because the results we get from using them have been nothing but successful! I love what I do because it is such a rewarding feeling to see the smile on my client’s faces after they get their tans!


I’m driven by helping other women grow their mindset and businesses, and giving away my best secrets of how I grew my own Spray Tan Business from $0 to multiple six figures in 2 years.

From opening a wildly successful salon to creating the number one spray tanning in-person and online courses in the industry, I really do know the entrepreneurial roller coaster well.

Now, though my successful YouTube channel, podcast, and a Facebook group, I coach and help thousands of women just like you to uncover their deepest love for themselves, unleash their ultimate inner power and achieve their greatest goals.


From managing my very successful spray tan, eyelash extensions and teeth whitening studio Slay Beauty Bar in San Diego, offering Online and In Person Spray Tan Courses on Spray Tan Class to hosting the high energy Wake Up To Level Up Live event in San Diego every year, I’m super passionate to helping other women start and grow their very own beauty businesses. 

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